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Autocooling Ltd supply the highest quality UV Dye, Refrigerant R134a, PAG Oils, Hybrid Oil and much more.

T-Line HYBRID Vehicle A/C Oil
T-Line Hybrid Lubricant, compatible with the latest technology hybrid & electric drive compressors.
The AC systems used in hybrid vehicles use an electric motor which is submerged in the refrigerant circuit. Standard PAG or Polyester lubricants as well as U.V dyes are not compatible with these systems, as they will attack the insulation material of the motor windings.
To prevent this from happening T-Line developed a lubricant that is fully compatible with electric motors and there internal windings.
Manufactured to the same performance as used in the original fill. 250ml bottles.
T-Line PAG Oil 46,100 & 150
PAG oils have been designed specially for use in Mobile Air Conditioning systems using refrigerant R134a.
MAC compressor manufacturers fill compressors with a specific PAG viscosity, No other oil should be used.

T-Line PAG oils are manufactured to OE specifications.

250ml bottles
Tracerline U.V Dye PAG 8 oz
Tracerline is OEM approved and is one of the few co-solvent free dyes on the market. Treats 32 vehicles

TracerLine UV Dye Jnr Stick (box of 6)
Tracerline is OEM approved and is one of the few co-solvent free dyes on the market. Treats 14 vehicles
Tracerline Big-EZ PAG
Tracerline is OEM approved and is one of the few co-solvent free dyes on the market. Treats 32 Vehicles
Robinair Premium Vacuum Pump Oil
The performance & reliability of vacuum pumps rests largely on the quality & purity of the vac pump oil.

Engineered to maintain maximum viscosity at high temperatures and improved cold weather starts.

Thermally stable oil for servicing RMS stations. More resistant to breaking down due to heat.

The oil should be replaced on a regular basis, at least every ten hours of vac pump use.

1 U.S Quart (approx two changes)
Refrigerant R134a
Manufactured by AGAS the worlds leading gas manufacturer guaranteeing you constant supply & purity every time.
• Supplied in refillable 13.6kg cylinders.
• Purity: 99.9% min
• Next Day Delivery
• Collection of empty cylinders
• No hidden charges.
Personal Protective Equipment
As recommended by the C&G & IMI also in keeping with general health & safety.

Premium high quality gloves made of fluoro- elastomer provide outstanding chemical & refrigerant protection.

Applications include degreasing, painting, cutting oils, coolants air conditioning.

Indirect Vent Safety Goggles to protect against flying debris, dust particles & liquid refrigerant splashes.
Thermal Printer Paper
Pack of 4 Rolls.
Compatible for most RMS printers on the market
Roll sizes: 57 x 30 & 57 x 40mm
Refrigerant Charge Hose
It is important that charge hoses are kept in pristine condition. Almost all diagnostic & certainly all recovery, evacuation & charging procedures are done using the hoses.
For this reason it is essential that all hoses meet the minimum requirements. Imagine what would happen if a hose burst at a pressure of 15 or 20 bar!

All our hoses meet the latest UL specifications, with a normal working pressure of up to 34 bar & a burst pressure of 173 bar.

Various sizes available call for more details
R134a Service Couplers
Manufactured by Parker®
• Conforms to international SAE J487 standard.
• High quality
• Longer service life
• 14mm hose connection
Also available in 1/4" MF
Adapter 1/2" ACME - 1/4 Flare
1/2" ACME Female filtting - 1/4 Flare Male fitting
Adapter 1/4 flare - 1/2" ACME Male Fitting
1/4 female flare x 1/2" ACME male Fitting
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